My Rockstar Finance Guest Curator Experience

Rockstar Finance Guest Curator

Last month, I got a chance to get a behind the scenes look at the Rockstar finance curation process.  Rockstar Finance is a personal finance curation site that delivers the best articles to your inbox daily.

So far, in my blogging career, I have been featured on the site four times.  While each time has been special, there is nothing like your first time.  I’ll always remember the day J. Money sent me an email with the subject, “You’re Famous for Today!”

He had selected my From Broke Phi Broke to Financially Woke story to be featured.  The catchy headline captured his attention.

I spent most of that day staring at my analytics  watching the traffic from all over the globe come in.  My dopamine levels went through the roof.

At the time, I had no idea how the curation process worked.  That has all changed now.  This week you’ll see the articles I selected to be featured!

Before I share my experience, let me start from the beginning.  How was I selected to be a guest curator?

Rockstar Finance Guest Curator Opening

When I  first saw this opportunity posted in this VIB group I am a part of, I hesitated.  I asked myself, “What makes me qualified to select the best articles of the week?”  Since I couldn’t come up with a good response to my own question, I chose to ignore this opportunity.

I let someone else snatch it up.  Then, fast forward a couple months later, the opportunity was offered again.  This time I was ready.  Or at least that’s what I told myself.  I responded, “I’d love to take a shot at it!”

Getting a behind-the-scenes look at the curation process is one of the main reasons I accepted.  And, although I was warned that it would be a time consuming process, I thought it would be a relatively easy assignment.

But I was in for a rude awakening.  One reason it’s so hard to select Rockstar quality articles is that the money blogosphere never sleeps.

The Money Blogosphere Never Sleeps

The last time I checked, there were over 2,000 personal finance blogs in the Rockstar Finance directory.  Every day hundreds of articles are posted.  Who has time to read all of this new content?  I know I don’t, so that’s why the curation process is paramount.

Although a ton of content comes out each day, I’d say that less than 20% (Applying the Pareto principle) of it is of Rockstar quality.  Furthermore, I would say that less than 20% of personal finance bloggers write quality content consistently.

So, the problem becomes, how does one go about selecting quality content to be featured?  Could one take a few shortcuts to overcome this problem?

Shortcuts to Selecting Great Content


If you have a huge ego like Kanye West, you might be thinking that you would feature your own content.  That would definitely solve the problem, right?  Think again, my friend!  Selecting even one of your own articles is frowned upon.

So what’s the next best solution?  You could feature all of the people who write great content on a consistent basis.  This could work, especially if you are an avid reader of personal finance blogs.

Or, you could just feature everyone in your mastermind groups.  What’s to stop you from engaging in such cronyism?  The do not feature list is what prevents you from doing this.

Do Not Feature this Personal Finance Blogger List

When you are handed the curation assignment, you are given a list of bloggers you cannot feature.  The rule is: if a blogger has been featured in the past 12 weeks, he or she cannot be selected.

The do not feature list is a great in that it eliminates some of the cronyism that would take place if it did not exist.  It ensures that more people get a shot at being featured.  This is a wonderful thing.

However, from the curator’s perspective, this makes the curation process 10x more difficult and time consuming.

Whenever I was selecting articles, I would get excited when I came across a great post.  It was like I’d reeled in a fish after waiting for hours without any biting.  Picture me with a huge koolaid smile on my face.

But then that smile would turn upside down when I double checked to see if the blogger was on the do not feature list.  I had to repeat the process.  For me, I ended up spending a total of 12-15 (maybe more) hours on this assignment.

*Random tip for bloggers:  If you want to circumvent the do not feature list, writing more guest posts might be a way to do it.  That way you could get more than one feature in a 12 week period.*

My Overall Thoughts on The Curation Process

I had a lot of fun being a guest curator for Rockstar Finance.  It was way more work than I expected, but I found it enjoyable because I read a lot of personal finance articles in my spare time anyway.

I’ve always thought that offering others a chance of being a guest curator is a wonderful idea.  There is always some level of subjectivity at play when selecting “great” articles.  What is unique or great to one person might be uninspired and terrible to someone else.

With that being said, I think the Rockstar quality guidelines has some merit.  After all, I try to follow it when I create my own content.

Thanks to John at ESI Money and the Rockstar team for allowing me to be a guest curator for the week!

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4 thoughts on “My Rockstar Finance Guest Curator Experience

  1. Jerry: Thanks for sharing your experience. I often wondered how this process worked. This clears up the air. I do think the way they are handling this is very smart and fair.

    Sometimes I write an article that I love and get discouraged that it doesn’t get picked up. But this makes sense since I had an article featured in the last few months.

    I’m so glad the “do not feature list” isn’t a list of bloggers that the Rockstar Finance has permanently banned, lol.
    Chris Roane recently posted…Noob’s Take on Dollar Cost AveragingMy Profile

  2. I’ve only been featured one time.

    What’s discouraging to me is when I post a topical article, don’t get featured, but see another blogger writing on the same topic several weeks later and getting featured. Very frustrating.

    I am glad of the guest curator opportunity. It seems to introduce a level of objectivity and reduce bias that I think could possibly exist if it was the same folks picking week after week.

    1. Hey Money Beagle!

      I can definitely understand your frustration. Since there are so many articles published daily, some great articles are overlooked.

      Having guest curators definitely provides some objectivity. I hope ESI continues allowing more people to get an opportunity to select the best articles for a week.

      Take care.

      Jerry recently posted…My Rockstar Finance Guest Curator ExperienceMy Profile

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