The key to benefiting from any rewards program is to avoid making unnecessary purchases

-Peerless Money Mentor


What is a product we all must purchase, regardless of the price at the pump? Gas!  Last week Samsung Pay ran a MasterCard promotion that required participants to make three purchases with their MasterCard via Samsung Pay in order to redeem a $10 Amazon gift card.  I wanted to get the gift card immediately so I could gift it to some lucky blog reader(check back tomorrow for a chance to win) but I did not want to make any unnecessary purchases.  After giving it some thought for a nanosecond, I came up with a game plan!

I decided to purchase gas after noticing that I was at a quarter of a tank. Earlier in the day, I had purchased a snack at the dollar store, so I needed two more purchases using my MasterCard via Samsung Pay.  To avoid going in the store twice to purchase gas, I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and opened up the Exxon Mobile speedpass app so I could pay twice with Samsung Pay outside.  After making these two gas pump transactions, I was able to redeem the $10 Amazon gift card, which will be given away between 12-1pm CST Tomorrow!


Share your thoughts on this article below? Was it too much work?  I could have just waited until I needed to make another purchase to redeem the Amazon gift card but I am impatient sometimes.

*The Plenti rewards program also works with the Speedpass Mobile App so you may be able to get one gallon of gas free if you are enrolled in that rewards program*

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Author: Jerry

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