Financial knowledge is only potential power; it only becomes power when you apply the knowledge you have acquired to your financial life!

-Peerless Money Mentor

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I look forward to doing is reading the three articles posted on  Rockstar Finance is a personal finance blog directory that contains a wealth of information that can change your financial life if you apply the knowledge you gain from it to your personal situation.  It contains book reviews, personal finance app reviews, a list of accountants, search engine optimization experts, financial planners,  and more!  If you are serious about mastering your personal finances, this is the spot where you can learn how current and aspiring millionaires manage their wealth!

Learn wealth building strategies from millionaires!

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When you first visit Rockstar Finances homepage, you will see the top 3 daily articles listed at the top of the page.  On Tuesday, the article I loved the most was entitled Choose to Be Rich. The author wrote this article after pondering the tweet below.

Jim Dahle states, “A smartphone (and really any connection to the internet, including the free ones in public libraries) can connect you to everything you need to know to become wealthy.” I totally agree with his statement and believe we can choose to waste all of our time mindlessly scrolling down our timelines or we can devote a portion of that time towards learning how to become masters of our finances.  The author acknowledges that the path to wealth may be more difficult for those of us who grew up in lower socioeconomic classes but states that it is easier now than it has ever been.  I also agree with this statement and would add that’s why it is even more imperative for us who grew up in lower socioeconomic classes to make smarter money decisions.  For example, if we can pay $1000 for the latest phone, why can’t we pay $1000 dollars to upgrade our emergency fund, HSA, or retirement accounts?

After discussing how easy it is for us to access the knowledge necessary to start building wealth, the author provides us with a case study based on an e-mail from a couple wanting to know what decisions they should make to become wealthy.  He gives them detailed advice and lays out a potential plan of action for them to become wealthy.  If you are interested in learning what advice he gives, this couple, read his article in full here.  You should also subscribe to the Rockstar daily digest to get articles like this one sent to your inbox Monday-Friday.  On Monday, I came across another blog that I liked called Survivingcents.


Mrs. Jasmine Golden wrote an excellent piece entitled 10 Ways to Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have.  Be sure to check that one out, too!  I could go on indefinitely about the plethora of thought-provoking articles I come across daily but I will let you enjoy them for yourself now.  Happy reading! I challenge you to read the top 3 articles  posted on Rockstar Finance for one week and apply at least one lesson learned to your financial situation.

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Author: jobrown2787

My name is Jerry, and I am just a personal finance nerd who writes from a bottom to top perspective. I believe anyone can improve their finances by adopting certain habits/strategies taught by the financial independence community.

In my popular post From Broke Phi Broke to Financially Woke I wrote, “While I am not 100% debt free yet, I hope the financial independence community welcomes me with open arms.”

Since writing that article, the financial independence community has embraced me as one of their own. I have even gotten a chance to do some amazing things like write for Business Insider.

Well, enough about me. I want to hear from you. Feel free to reach out to tell me your million dollar secrets 🙂

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  1. You are welcome, J! Thanks a lot for adding me to the directory and encouraging me to write when I told you about my blog idea!

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