Walking Around the LSU Lakes Walking Trail to Escape Daily Grind


LSU Lakes Walking Trail


When you are journeying towards financial freedom, it is okay to take a break!  Enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping.  Marvel at the sunrise or sunset.”

-Peerless Money Mentor


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While J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy enjoys his walks in the cemetery, I prefer to walk around the LSU Lakes walking trail.  There I find peace of mind; water in motion has always had a calming affect on me.  I even wrote a poem about its motion hypnotizing me while at the University of New Orleans Lakefront.

Peace of Mind


People laugh at me as I try to capture the wind in vain;
He’s insane, I hear someone whisper as it starts to rain,
But I don’t mind because I’ve found my peace of mind,
While sitting along the lake, away from the daily grind

I look to the left and I see seagulls taking flight,
And I wonder if they’ll fly past the greater light,
But they just search the waters for food to eat
One catches a fish, and I say to myself, “Sweet!”

The motion of the water hypnotizes me,
Time ceases to exist as I embrace serenity
Nature’s music allows me to rest peacefully,
And when I awaken, the lesser light smiles at me


Walking around the LSU lakes provides a nice change of pace for me.  Ever since I decided to change my financial life, I have been sprinting towards financial freedom.  This has allowed me to escape Broke Phi Broke faster but it can be incredibly taxing. Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

While I have often wished that I could forego rest, I have realized that rest can increase your productivity or enhance your creativity.  Instead of reading the latest personal finance podcast episode or blog post 24/7, I need time to unplug from the FI Matrix.  Unplugging gives me time to ponder the meaning of life while enjoying nature’s beauty.

Walk With Me Around the LSU Lakes Walking Trail


LSU Lakes Walking Trail
LSU Lakes


As I walked around the Lakes walking trail, I pay attention to the birds singing, people jogging or walking, and the beautiful lakefront homes.  About 30% of the people I pass say something like, “Good morning! How are you today!?”  Even if they do not speak, they will usually give you a little smile.

Everyone is walking or jogging at their own pace.  My observation of this triggers a personal finance thought.  I think the key to financial success involves moving at your own pace.  A pace that is sustainable long-term.  While it is nice to marvel at the lightning fast accomplishments of others, comparison can steal our joy.

This does not mean settle for mediocrity.  I am all for the peerless pursuit of financial freedom.  Just try your best to limit comparison and embrace your own journey.  No two people have identical paths in life.

After this thought passes, I take a look at the beautiful homes around me.

Million Dollar Homes


LSU Lakes Walking Trail
I wonder how much this home cost. It has been under construction for over a year now.

The neighborhoods that surround Louisiana State University are among the most sought after in the city.Homes near LSU range in price from $100,000 to well over $1,000,000 and they’re all within a quick commute to campus

Helene Kurtz

As I walk around the LSU Lakes, I enjoy looking at the million dollar homes.  I often wonder who lives in these homes.  Mostly professors and highly paid professionals is my educated guess.  When I take a look at their large, well-landscaped yards, I wonder how much is spent each month on lawn care services.

Then I look at the birds, and I envy them because their minds are not filled with these kind of thoughts.


I Sometimes Envy the Birds


LSU Lakes Walking Trail


I sometimes envy the birds because they do not have to think about shelter.  They are the ultimate house hackers; the natural world is their home.  No time is spent doing a cost/benefit analysis of whether to buy or rent property.

When a bird wants to move, it just flies away!  We as human beings, on the other hand, have to concern ourselves with moving costs and finding a new home.  Then we have to furnish this home and buy utensils to eat our food with.

When a bird wants to eat, it does not need to use a fork or a spoon.  It doesn’t even have to worry about spending time on meal prepping or cooking.  In addition to being the ultimate house hacker, the bird beats us in saving money on food, too!

With all that being said, I think I would take being a human being over a bird any day.  It could be boring eating the same meal everyday.  To a bird, the word “boring” does not exist.  A bird cannot create like us.

While I do not want to be exactly like a bird, I do want to be free like a bird.  That’s why I sometimes sprint towards financial freedom.  And that sprinting is fine, as long as I know sometimes to take a break to become one with nature.  Like the birds!


Community Feedback


How do you escape the daily grind?

What are some productivity hacks that have worked for you?

Have you owned a million dollar home before?

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10 thoughts on “Walking Around the LSU Lakes Trail to Escape Daily Grind

  1. I have not owned a million dollar home before, nor am I sure that I would want to! Maybe if the million dollar price tag was due to the location–such as being right on the coast. But if the price is just due to sheer size and amenities (pools, tennis courts, etc)…nah. I always wonder what those people do with all those rooms! Such wasted space…they can’t be using all of them unless they have 20 kids.

    I used to walk around these double lakes that were near my college campus back when I was a freshman. I ended up transferring to a different school in the city, but the lakes really calmed me when I was stressed or having a hard time. Your post took me back to that time!

  2. It’s funny how many writers and entrepreneurs find walking to be so beneficial to their mental, emotional and physical health. So simple, but so powerful.

    By the way, you should start using Pinterest-optimized images! I want to post this to Pinterest but it won’t fit the rules of many of the groups I’m in.

  3. Yes, I love walking – I walk from home to the station and from the station to the office ~2 miles each way when I go to the office, and it’s great – such good decompressing and fitness habit.

  4. Wow, those lakes look absolutely beautiful! For me, it’s the small mountain nearby – some great trails or hiking or trail running. I also live near the Wisconsin River and took some time to get out and kayak in it last week. My ecological lit teacher used to talk about Nature Deficit Disorder. Indeed, if I don’t get out in nature enough, I start to feel depressed. I look forward to the day when I’m done with cubicle land and can get out there on a daily basis!

    1. Hello B.C.,

      Thanks so much for commenting! The feature photo is a stock image, but the scenery around the LSU Lakes is so beautiful.

      That sounds like a lot of fun. How often do you go hiking? I’d love to live near a mountain.


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