Earning money through a side hustle can help you achieve your financial goals much faster than relying solely on one income-Peerless Money Mentor

Currently, I have five side hustles to help me achieve my ultimate goal of financial independence faster!
I have been side hustling for about four months now and have seen my financial life improve dramatically. My side hustles are: Eli Bird, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Uber and Lyft!

Five Side Hustles
Become a tester today!

1. Erli Bird is a website where you can earn money by becoming a beta tester for new apps, websites, and products. You only earn $10 after you follow all the instructions for giving feedback so this is not a side hustle that will make you rich but every little bit helps! If you are in the top 25% of testers, you can earn an additional $5. So far I have earned $20 for reviewing two apps and I am the process of reviewing a gaming app now!

Five Side Hustles
Ridiculously easy way to earn some side hustle income!

2. Swagbucks is a website where you can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos,  and completing offers (For example, you can earn $10 just for signing up with Uber and an additional $80 for picking up your first rider). You can redeem your Swagbucks (100sb = $1) for gift cards or PayPal if you want the cash!  So far I have earned $436 dollars within four months.  In a future post, I’ll create a detailed guide on how to earn at least $365 a year using this site!  Click picture above if you want to try it out for yourself!

Five Side Hustles

3. InboxDollars is similar to Swagbucks in that you can earn gift cards or a check for watching videos, answering surveys, or completing offers.  You can also earn a nickel for checking into certain stores you happen to be nearby while living your life.  I find it harder to earn gift cards with this survey site than Swagbucks and have only earned $62.64 so far. Click picture above if you want to give it a shot!

Five Side Hustles
“Come through like Uber drivers”-Kevin Gates

I mostly do Baton Rouge airport runs so my hourly income varies from $15-40 an hour when picking up passengers from there

4. Uber I have been driving with Uber for two months and believe it is the “Ultimate Side Hustle!”  I mostly do Baton Rouge airport runs so my hourly income varies from $15-40 an hour when picking up passengers from there.  To me airport runs are the safest rides since passengers have to go through security.  Plus, my airport riders usually tip well!  And, of course, I drive during the LSU football home games whenever I can because there is usually a large surge before and after the games.  I’ll create a post in the future detailing what I have learned so far driving for Rideshare companies, which will include strategies to maximize your revenue from them, managing your taxes, and purchasing Rideshare insurance.  In the meantime, I suggest you checkout https://therideshareguy.com 

for more information.

Five Side Hustles

5. Lyft is another popular Rideshare service that just entered my area in Baton Rouge in January of this year. Since I am an independent contractor, I can drive for both Uber and Lyft.  I turn both on to start and whenever I get the ping I want, I turn the other app off.  There have been situations where I have gotten two pings from the airport at once and I simply had to ignore one request.  I have noticed the pay between Uber and Lyft is comparable but, for some reason, Lyft passengers usually tip more.  For example, yesterday,  Monday, November 6th, one of my Lyft passengers tipped me $20 and told me to enjoy the cruise I mentioned I was taking with my girlfriend next week and that brought the total fare to $38. That’s not bad for a 20 minute ride!

Final Note

Adding these side hustles to my life has allowed me to save more, invest more, and pay off debt faster than I ever expected.  I know driving around, becoming a beta tester, and taking surveys is not for everyone but I believe you can find a side hustle you love.  About two weeks ago, I discovered this blog called financialpanther.com.  Click the link and be sure to take a look at his detailed side hustle reports.  Tell him Peerless Money Mentor sent ya!


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