To celebrate the launch of Peerless Money Mentor, I will be giving away a $10 Amazon gift card!  You can use this money to buy someone a gift for the holidays or just splurge on yourself!  The  missing two letters from the code will be hidden in an upcoming blog post so stay tuned!  An announcement will be made on my Instagram @peerlessmoneymentor hours before the site is officially launched!

Author: Jerry

Jerry is a Business Insider Contributing Writer who is obsessed with personal finance. He believes you can improve your financial situation by applying principles taught by the financial independence community to your financial life.

If you are having trouble saving, he recommends that you join the SaverLife Savings program where you can get a $60 reward after six months (no income requirement). All you have to do is put a minimum of $20 a month into a savings account. Easy, right?

For a fun read, check out his article 10 Signs You’re a Personal Finance Addict to see if you are a personal finance nerd.

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