My Unborn Child Is Not a Financial Liability

“The gift of life is more valuable than all of the Vibranium in Wakanda”

-Peerless Money Mentor

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Walking Out of the Womb



My Unborn Child is Not a Financial Liability-Peerless Money Mentor
Shh, don’t tell nobody!

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On Friday, March 27th, 1987 a gift more valuable than all of the Vibranium in Wakanda walked out of the womb.  The doctor was  so stupefied by this that he did not know what to do.  Dr. Isaac immediately shut the door and devised a plan to keep this secret hidden from the world.  He ordered the nurses and my family not to say a word.  Until this day, they have not uttered a single syllable about the day I was born!

Ok, maybe the above story is a slight exaggeration but it does not change the fact that I am more valuable than money.  Since I am more valuable than money, it is safe to assume that all other human beings are more valuable than money. Mr. Dollar Bill has no value outside of the trust you and I put into it.  Oh, and the fact that the dollar is backed by the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. government. Another reason why you and I are more valuable than currency is that we cannot be duplicated.  The same cannot be said for Mr. Dollar Bill.  Our treasury department can easily reprint another Bill when it decides more Bills need to be in circulation.  This line of thinking seems logical to you, right?  Well, there was a time that I doubted its cogency.

Financial Liability

When I was in Broke Phi Broke, my mom had the nerve to ask me when I was having a child.  “Never, having a child would mean having another financial liability, Mom!” I would respond.  At the time, I had a lot of credit card debt and a $20,000+ new car loan to pay back (avoid making this mistake).  I could barely take care of myself so why would I want to bring a child into this world?  Although, I think my logic was perfect, it does not mean I was right to call my unborn child a “financial liability.”

According to one google definition, a financial liability is a “thing for which someone is responsible, especially a debt or financial obligation.”  Since the definition says, “thing for which someone is responsible” and not “person for which someone is responsible” I think it is safe to assert that a child is not a financial liability.

Another definition of a liability, according to google, is “a person or thing whose presence or behavior is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage.”  I do not believe my unborn child’s presence will be an embarrassment or put me at a disadvantage.  On the contrary, I believe my unborn child could potentially bring me a lot of joy.  Or he or she could be a little nightmare 🙂

Five Reasons Why My Unborn Child is an Asset

An asset is something or someone who has value

  • My unborn child could become the second person in history to walk out the womb
  • Peerless Jr. could become a doctor who develops a cure for a rare disease
  • He or she could become a best selling author and/or Rockstar content creator
  • My unborn child could have a positive impact on the world that cannot be quantified
  • When I no longer exist in the physical form, I will be able to pass my legacy on


Legacy, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy

Legacy, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy
Black excellence baby, you gon’ let ’em see



I would love more than anything to pass this site or another project onto my kids as a business.  A veteran blogger in the game I know intends to do this with my favorite personal finance site.  While reading reasons why ESI Money bought, the line below stood out to me:

“This is a potential business my kids could be employed by/own/run one day. And if not them, perhaps their spouses. Sure, they’d have to learn a bit about personal finance, but not so much that they’d have to write content — they just have to recognize good content.”

ESI Money

This line stood out to me because it shows how important it is to create or purchase something of your own in today’s world.  ESI Money has purchased something of value that he can pass down to his children.  That’s legacy in a nutshell, folks!  We should figure out how to create a business to pass onto our children, especially those of us in the Black community.

To do this, we need to learn about estate planning.  I recently listened to the latest episode of Journey to Launch about this highly important topic.  Jamila Souffrant speaks with Art Steele about how important estate planning is, especially in the Black community.

Click picture to listen to Jamila’s latest episode!


When Will I Have a Child?

I will have a child when I am ready to have one!  Check back for updates in 2030!

What do you think?

I would love to know what you think in the comments section!  As a childless millennial, do you often hear the question, “When will you have some kids?!”  Or do you sometimes hear, “By the time you have kids, you will be too old to play with them!”

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12 thoughts on “My Unborn Child Is Not a Financial Liability

  1. I get questions about when I’m going to have a kid all the time. I try not to think of them as a liability. They are definitely more of a financial responsibility than people like to admit when they’re trying to convince you to hop on the baby train. Random side note: you are exactly one week older than me! Lol

  2. Kids are awesome, if we had started sooner we’d have had six instead of three! We didn’t find them expensive at all. They even earned free rides through college so that didn’t cost us anything. A few headaches and we still worry about them since their lives are not always perfect but they are so worth it. Oh and all three of ours did backflips out of the womb! Plus I’m expecting them to start sending dividend checks home any day so I’ll get some return on investment for all those Pampers and groceries.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Steveark! Wow, I don’t know if I could handle six kids! That’s great that they all got free rides! You did a wonderful job! Lol @ all three doing backflips out the womb

  3. I agree that kids aren’t as expensive as people make them out to be. We had our first about a year and a half ago, and the greatest expense has been childcare by far–definitely wish someone had warned me about the childcare. The other things that people often bring up like diapers and food are really not that bad.

    Next time someone asks when you’re having a baby, tell them to get out of your bed (except maybe your mom…). 🙂

    Interesting thoughts and great post. You get cool points for the Jay-Z reference because he’s my favorite.
    J at Their Money Goals recently posted…Lifestyle Inflation, The Silent Dream KillerMy Profile

  4. Children are definitely a blessing. The little thrifties have made our lives so much richer. Glad you were able to go into parenting with this mindset!

    To me, the bigger challenge is meeting their emotional needs and passing on virtues without also passing on vices.

    -Mr. Thrifty

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Thrifty! While I don’t have any children of my own yet, I will go into it believing they are assets.

      That seems like quite a challenge! I supposed you just learn as you go?

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