Taking an Adventure in Your Own City

“I always hear people complain about the place that they live
That all the people here are fake and they got nothin’ to give
‘Cause they been starin’ at somebody else’s version of s***
That makes another city seem more excitin’ than it is”





As someone who is adventurous, traveling is something I love to do.  Last year, while on a 5-day cruise, I went zip lining for the first time in Costa Maya.  I had such a blast that I completed one zip line course four times.

Another zip line course, which was a roller coaster zip line, I completed twice.

After completing each course, I was dipped in a pool of water.  Given the fact it was blazing hot outside, this was highly refreshing!

I would love to go back and zip line for hours but that would be fairly expensive.  What’s a frugal, thrill-seeking, soul to do then?

The solution I have come up with is to explore my own city!  My inspiration for doing so comes from listening to an episode on the ChooseFi podcast called Planned Spontaneity.

On the episode, Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich encourage listeners to be a tourist in their own town.

I have taken their advice to heart. Sadly, I have discovered that there are no zip line courses close to Baton Rouge, La.  However, I can temporarily satiate my desire for adventure and fun by hiking in the woods and exploring museums.

Hiking in the Woods

Comite River Park Hiking Trail
Comite River Park Hiking Trail in Central, La.

Through a text conversation with a friend, I learned about a hiking area called Comite River Park Trail System.  This hiking park is 15 minutes away from where I live and I had no idea it existed.

As a lover of nature, I had to go see this area for myself this past Sunday .  When I arrived at the trail, the area reminded me of a scene straight from a Stephen King  horror movie.  I didn’t see a single soul within 100 yards.  It was eerily calm.

After stopping to take a look at a map of the hiking trail, I walked about another hundred yards and turned around.  My paranoia had gotten the best of me.  I kept thinking that some two-headed monster was going to attack me.

While walking back, I heard the sounds of voices in the distance.  Was this the two-headed creatures out to get me?  No, these were mountain bikers exploring the trail!  We exchanged pleasantries and I kept walking in the direction of where my vehicle was parked.

Before making it to my vehicle, I stopped to take a look at the map above again.  I pulled out my phone to take a screenshot of it.  A guy who was already at his vehicle 20 feet away saw what I was doing and asked if I needed a digital map.

I replied affirmatively and walked in his direction to learn where I could find the map.  He told me, “You can go to BRAMBA.ORG!”  As the conversation continued, I learned BRAMBA stood for Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association.

In addition to informing me about the online map, he also recommended some other nearby hiking trails to me.  It was getting dark so I decided to head home.  I’m looking forward to exploring the trail soon!  And conquering my irrational fear of the two-headed monster!

That’s something I don’t have to be afraid of while exploring museums in my city.


Another interest of mine is exploring museums.  Here in Baton Rouge, La, a select number of museums are free from 1-5 the 1st Sunday of each month.

During this four hour time span, I have free access to the LSU Museum of Art, Louisiana Art & Science Museum and the USS KIDD.

The LSU Museum of Art is located in the Shaw Center for the Arts in downtown Baton Rouge.  Every month, there are new art exhibits for visitors to view on the fifth floor.

USS KIDD Source: Wikipedia

Across the street from the museum of art, is the Louisiana Art & Science Museum and the USS KIDD.  I love the Art & Science museum because it combines two of my favorite subjects.  Although I am not an artist, I love seeing others use the power of their imaginations to create.

As for the USS KIDD memorial museum, I have not been inside of the ship in years.  It is a former navy ship; it was used as a destroyer in World War II and the Korean War.

Concluding Thoughts

To satisfy your desire for adventure, sometimes you don’t have to travel far or spend lots of money.  This past weekend, I discovered hiking trails in my backyard I never new existed.  Plus, I can explore several museums for free one Sunday a month!

If you are someone who complains about your city not being fun, please make sure you have done your research!

Of course, your idea of adventure might be different from mine, but I am sure you can find something fun to do in your city.  If you cannot find something, maybe it is time to move 🙂

If moving is not an option for you, go explore a nearby city!  For example, sometimes I travel to New Orleans, which 1.5 hours away because there is more stuff to do there.  As a matter of fact, I am going there this weekend!

Community Feedback

  • How do you satisfy your desire for adventure in your own city?
  • When was the last time you went hiking in the woods?
  • What was the name of the last museum you visited?
  • If you had to recommend one activity to do in your city, what would it be?
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