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“The best thing to do is honestly just start it and write your heart out! If you can do that, the rest will fall into place naturally”

-J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy



You’re Famous Today!

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On Thursday, December 14th, of last year I got an e-mail from J. Money with the subject saying, “You’re famous today!”  I immediately checked my google analytics account to see what the “Rockstar Effect” was; there were 30 people viewing my latest post titled From Broke Phi Broke to Financially Woke!  The post had been selected to be featured on, a site that features the best of the best personal finance articles.  I was super excited that I had achieved the goal I set in November!  My response to this message was, “Wow, thanks a lot man for featuring my post! You are the one who encouraged me to create this blog! I am not sure if you remember but I reached out to you in August for tips on how to start it.”


J. Money did not remember but I reached out to him in August of last year asking him for tips on starting a personal finance blog and he responded!

J. Money’s Advice


He told me the best thing to do just start it and write my heart out and if I could do that, the rest would naturally fall into place.  While I was happy he responded, I was a little disappointed that he did not offer any tips on how to market my blog.  Instead, he wrote, “No need to worry about design or marketing or any of that stuff in the beginning.  So what did he tell me to focus on instead? Content! He went on to write, “Find a posting schedule that works, stick to it for a couple of months, and then from there work on the rest!” You would think I would listen to a man who has a decade of experience in the blogging game but I can be the most bullheaded person in the world sometimes.

My Way

Instead of listening to J. Money, I chose to do things my way.  I would focus primarily on design and marketing first.  My site needed a logo so I spent a few hours trying to design my own before outsourcing it to Fiverr.  Next, I would work on my genius marketing scheme!  I decided to have multiple giveaways during the first month of launching my site so I could get millions of page views!  At one point, I think there was more giveaway post on my site than real content.  My page views did not reach the 1,000,000 I had hoped for. Not even close.  At most, I would get 40 hits per day.  Let’s fast forward back to Thursday, December 14th!

Rockstar Day

I shared the news with my crew on Groupme, and they told me to stop watching the analytics; it will go up and down like the stock market.

-My Crew

Rockstarfinance day
Analytics from the day I was featured on


When I checked my google analytics to see what effect being featured on Rockstar had on my site’s traffic, I was excited to see that people were viewing my page at once!  I shared the news with my crew on Groupme, and they told me to stop watching the analytics; it will go up and down like the stock market.  After giving them my word, I continued to check my analytics every hour on the hour.  The opportunity cost of me looking at my analytics was me not being able to focus on creating more content.  Checking your analytics constantly is unproductive but I could not resist doing it.

December Analytics


December Analytics

The Financial Diet

Day I was featured


On December 21st, my article was listed #1 on a post titled The 7 Best Personal Finance Articles We Loved This Week.  This gave me an additional boost in traffic!

How to Get Featured on Rockstar

A blogger recently reached out to me and asked me how to get featured on Rockstar.  I just told her I just wrote a post that J. Money thought was “fun” and “refreshing.”  Those words are highly subjective so I am sure that advice did not help her at all.  The current owner of Rockstar Finance, ESI, has put together an awesome post titled How to Write Rockstar Content that is super helpful!  In it he discusses what makes great content and where Rockstar looks to find it.  Good luck and happy writing in 2018!

Special Thanks

I would like to thank The Mastermind Within for inspiring this post!  After reading his blog traffic income report, I decided to do a similar post of my own.  His article How I Earned Over 105,000 at Age 25 is a good read!

I would also like to thank my good friend, Ashton Armstead, of Armstead Photography for encouraging me to create something of my own.

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