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“Long before I started writing personal finance articles, poetry was my first love.  My creative outlet!”

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I have been love with poetry since middle school.  Maya Angelou is my favorite poet.  Every now and then I will attend an open mic event.  The last time I went to one the organizer tried to encourage me to share my work but I was not ready to conquer my fear of public speaking.

Maybe I will share it next time.  For now, I will just share a few of my poems with you 🙂


As I was reading Ms. Fiology’s post titled Single Doesn’t Have to Mean Lonely, I thought about this poem I wrote called Searching for an Oasis a decade ago.  Since then, relationships have come and gone.

I have been single for the last four months so I can relate somewhat to how Ms. Fiology feels.  Some days I can become a bit depressed about being alone.  I ask myself, “Would things have worked out differently if I didn’t focus so much on my side hustles?  Then my friends remind me to embrace my freedom.  Earlier today I was told,  “This is the perfect time to for you to focus on recreating yourself!”

There are several advantages to being single and having a single income with no kids!  I’ll write about the advantages in a future post!

For now, let’s get back to Searching for an Oasis…

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Searching for an Oasis

I am in the desert of love searching for an oasis, but I am stuck in quicksand
Heavenly father, please pull me up by stretching out your omnipotent hand
I am stuck in a penitentiary of loneliness caused by my unnecessary fear
Heavenly father, please take the fear out of my heart so my trust will reappear

Sometimes I sit and wonder, “What if I keep searching, but she’s never found?”
I know I should not worry, but how do I mute this thought or lower its sound?
It’s like she’s on top of some mountain, and I am so far below on the ground,
And I can’t move because the quicksand has me stuck and unable to turn around

Sometimes I sit and wonder, “What if she’s found, but we fall apart?”
Then I would probably wish I’d followed my heart from the very start
Sometimes I sit and wonder, “What if this dilemma of human love did not exist?”
We would know that our hearts are safe; we would never have to resist

I find confidence in the fact that God provides for the birds of the air
I just have to be patient and one day he will send an answer to my prayer
In searching for love, we often find plastic love because concrete love is rare,
But be anxious for nothing; ask the Almighty to rescue you from despair

When I was a senior in high school, I had to write a love poem with a partner for English IV.  I decided to write a piece titled Keys to My Heart and my partner wrote a response to it.  Below is my half of the assignment.

Keys to My Heart

Take the keys to my heart; unlock it from this world’s misery,
And we shall live together in harmony,
Happy together while trying to make it last forever,
United as one we can make it through the stormy weather

Take the keys to my heart; unlock it from this world’s greed,
And material possessions shall lessen in value indeed;
We cannot take them with us when we perish,
From the Earth, so good time between you and me we’ll cherish

Take the keys to my heart and unlock it from this world’s stress,
You will be my bottle of relaxation when I cannot rest
When I’m frustrated, remind me that I’m blessed,
And my stress shall be restrained from progress

Take the keys to my heart and unlock it from this world’s hate,
And we shall destroy hate with our loves weight
With our love, we will turn frowns upside down;
People will feel happy when we are around

After you have done all this, my heart will be free,
Free from hate, stress, greed, and misery;
In order for this to happen,
I will bend down on one knee and ask you to marry me

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Maya Angelou on Impostor Syndrome

“I have written 11 books, but each time I think, ‘Uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.’”

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