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Reading personal finance blogs is good for your financial health!

-Peerless Money Mentor




I am sure you have heard the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Well, I am here to tell you reading a personal finance blog a day can potentially keep the debt collectors away!  Last year I discovered money making opportunities I never knew existed from reading personal finance blogs daily.  I took advantage of some of these opportunities and my pockets got fatter.  How much fatter? Let’s dive in and take a look at what I discovered while traveling through the personal finance blogosphere!


Decluttr is an app where you can scan the barcodes of junk you want to get rid of like old, dusty DVDs.  You should have seen the dollar signs in my eyes when I saw my mom’s DVD collection in the living room.  Unfortunately, these old, dusty things only go for about $.15 a piece.  Good thing you can sell video games, too!  Grand Theft Auto V and Midnight Club sold for $7.89 and $1.99, respectively.  My other stuff sold for pennies on the dollar so it’s not even worth me writing about but you can see what else I sold in the picture below.

Use your mental math powers to calculate the total!

So far my pockets have gotten X(Your mental math calc) fatter.  Although I did not make much with Decluttr, you may have better luck.  Happy barcode scanning!  I discovered that opportunity from reading the reviews tab of


WeGoLook is an on demand app that allows insurance companies to hire independent contractors as needed to verify damages to vehicles, houses, etc. for insurance claims.  These independent contractors are called Lookers.  So far I have done two look assignment for $20 a piece and it involved me taking pictures of damaged vehicles and measuring the front and rear bumpers with a yardstick.

Are you still doing the mental math on this?  If not, don’t worry, I will add it all up at the end of my post.  If you would like to know more about WeGoLook, go read my post titled WeGoLook Side Hustle (Thanks Financial Panther).  I discovered this opportunity while reading  Kevin has almost hit $30,000 in side hustle income, so visit his site if you are trying to get your side hustle on!

SaverLife Program

I claimed a $50 reward from the program in November

SaverLife Savings Program, formerly Earn savings program,  is a non-profit organization that help families save and invest to build wealth.  The program lasts six months and for every month you save $20, a $10 reward is set aside for you to redeem when the program ends.  There is currently no income requirement for this program so sign up now make your pockets $60 fatter!


At the end of last month, I was interviewed by Grace Boorstein, who is the SaverLife content marketing manager for the program.  I told her my story of how I found out about the program on and we had a wonderful conversation.  If any of you are hesitant to share your banking information, rest assure that the program uses the same security software Mint uses!


$455.07 earned

Swagbucks is a website where you can earn money by taking surveys, watching videos,  and completing offers (For example, you can earn $10 just for signing up with Uber and an additional $80 for picking up your first rider). You can redeem your Swagbucks (100sb = $1) for gift cards or PayPal if you want the cash!  So far I have earned $455.07.  I honestly do not have time to take surveys much anymore.  If you read this post titled Make Money by Taking Surveys? I Don’t Think So, you will understand why.  However, in a future post, I will show you how to make up to $100 with Swagbucks without taking a single survey.  I discovered this opportunity on

Inbox Dollars

$70.59 earned so far

InboxDollars is similar to Swagbucks in that you can earn gift cards or a check for watching videos, answering surveys, or completing offers.  You can also earn a nickel for checking into certain stores you happen to be nearby while living your life.  I find it harder to earn gift cards with this survey site than Swagbucks and have only earned $70.59 so far.  Lately, I have not been focusing too much on this opportunity either because I realized I can make more money doing other things.  I could be learning a high paying skill or Ubering and make way more money.  An intelligent man makes mistakes but he knows when to switch up his strategy!

Erli Bird

$40 made so far

1. Erli Bird is a website where you can earn money by becoming a beta tester for new apps, websites, and products. You only earn $10 after you follow all the instructions for giving feedback so this is not a side hustle that will make you rich but every little bit helps! If you are in the top 25% of testers, you can earn an additional $5. So far I have earned $40 for reviewing two apps and I am the process of reviewing a gaming app now! This is honestly something I would do for free because I love testing apps and playing games. It passes J.Money’s The Triad of Hustling Test below!  If you are looking for a cool blog to read, check out

J. Money’s Triad of Hustling


Total Amount Earned for Those Who Suck at Mental Math 🙂



You will earn way more than this by reading personal finance blogs in the long term.  Your earnings will compound exponentially from applying all of the savings, investing and career strategy techniques personal finance blogs teach! I challenge you to read one blog article a day.

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Author: Jerry

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If you are having trouble saving, he recommends that you join the SaverLife Savings program where you can get a $60 reward after six months (no income requirement). All you have to do is put a minimum of $20 a month into a savings account. Easy, right?

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27 thoughts on “Money I’ve Made From Reading Finance Blogs

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I looked into that Saverlife and signed up to do it. I thought you’d have to save money with them, but apparently, all you do is save money into your own bank account, which I already do. Might as well get a free 60 bucks out of it too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I looked into that Saverlife and signed up to do it. I thought you’d have to save money with them, but apparently, all you do is save money into your own bank account, which I already do. Might as well get a free 60 bucks out of it too.
    david smith recently posted…IPO Review- Bharat Dynamics LtdMy Profile

    1. Thanks for stopping by! While I did not keep track of time, the biggest time suck was taking surveys.

      Taking photos of damaged vehicles for WeGoLook takes half an hour for $20.

      Being an Erli Bird tester takes like an hour out of your week. Which I don’t mind because sometimes you get to test some cool video games 🙂

      Signing up for SaverLife took maybe a minute!

  3. Thanks for sharing these ideas. SaverLife looks like a great deal. I had to read the fine print to make sure it was as straightforward as it sounds. I will definitely be signing up for it.

    We like to use the Walgreens app to earn a few dollars a month we can use at Walgreens. By tracking our steps (automatically done via our phones) and inputting vital stats like blood pressure and weight, we earn points that turn into a couple of dollars a month. It’s not a lot of money but it’s easy to earn, especially from the walking part!


  4. That’s a good point that you can have your money make money. If you have savings it has the potential to be an investment instead. If you don’t do anything your money will lose value anyways because of inflation.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Smart Money and Travel! Definitely check out the SaverLife savers program. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

      Oh, and will I see you at FinCon this year?

  5. Great article, thanks for sharing! Actually, I read between 20-30 personal finance blogs every week. Just by doing this, I have been able to educate myself on some key financial issues.

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