Do You Even Splurge?


Do You Even Splurge?


“We all know that saving money is essential to improving our finances but no one saves everything!  Do you even splurge!?”

-Peerless Money Mentor



When was the last time you read the word “splurge” while reading a personal finance blog?  It is rare because most blogs promote (rightfully so) increasing your savings rate.  I am willing to bet you one million dollars that most bloggers have savings rate well over the average American household savings rate of less than 5%.  But no one saves everything, including your favorite blogger (me I hope)!

I will share my latest splurge first and then I will share some splurge stories from other bloggers!

My Latest Splurge

My most recent splurge was buying a Phillips Hue White and Color ambiance light bulb for $50.  Yes, you are reading that right.  One light bulb set me back $50 bucks. I control it via my google home.

When my little sister found out how much this bulb cost, she wanted to take my frugal card away from me.  I often teased her about spending too much on her shoes (we are all hypocrites, right?) so her criticism was well deserved.  Yes, I know I could have put that $50 towards my car note but lights make me happy!  Don’t you dare judge me!

My 2-Bulb Starter Kit Review

My friends have already judged me enough!  When I showed them the review I left on Amazon for the Phillips Hue starter kit I purchased.  Hey, I had to start somewhere!  I had to graduate from the basic white smart bulbs to the the fancier smart color bulbs :-).

Eventually, I would like to add more light bulbs to my collection but I am working on paying off that car note!  Soon (5 payments left!) I will be able to blast Dee-1’s No Car Note while driving 85 60 on the highway.

Enough about me.  It’s time to read some splurge stories from ten of my favorite bloggers!

Pete from Do You Even Blog

I splurge on equipment in general, both hardware and software.  Recently it was a Arturia Midi keyboard and controller ($99), and a $50 scheduling app (Fantastical 2), which I surely didn’t need…but it’s beautiful and helps me stay accountable with budgeting my time 🙂

Special shout out to Pete for Inspiring the title of this post!  Go check out his latest podcast episode!

Misty from Simply Organized Lifestyle

My latest splurge was a fun one!  It was a much needed “girls day out.”  I did all of the things that I typically avoid like buying new clothes and ordering dessert with my meal.  My best friend and I spent the day catching up and taking a break from the normal day to day duties that pull us in a million directions. Women, myself included, often feel guilty for spending time and money on ourselves. However, I believe it is time and money well spent for our mental and emotional well being.  We need to disconnect and take care of ourselves too!  Every so often, spending time with a good friend and buying a new pair of shoes “just because” is totally worth it!

My Collab with Misty: Tale of Two Nissan Altimas

Sarah from High Fiving Dollars

I splurged on a portable standing desk. I got tired of working from my dining room table until I figure out where to stick my home office in my apartment. I debated for it because I frankly, felt selfish for even wanting to buy it. But I hate not being active, and sitting at a desk all day working on my business doesn’t sound that enticing. So I got it and haven’t looked back since!

*I contributed to her post below*

17 Stories About Crucial Mindset Shifts to Master Your Money

 Cal from Fi Me Outta Here

My latest splurge was going out with friends for a dim sum brunch! It is one of the most culturally common ways for Chinese families and friends to bond.
For those unfamiliar with the Chinese cuisine, it could range from sweet buns, egg tarts and rice noodles to something more exotic like chicken feet and lotus leaf rice. Literally something for everyone.
I definitely cannot reproduce these dishes at home, as dim sum takes incredibly great skill to make.

Erik from Master Mind Within

I’m not one to splurge on stuff (I don’t find much enjoyment in stuff), but I do splurge on food from time to time. I really enjoy the all you can eat sushi place down the street from my house which is $25 a meal! With going out though, I try to make it for a special occasion and if it’s just for a random lunch or dinner, I will eat in or go somewhere lower cost.

Listen to his Latest podcast episode

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 Amy from Five Feet Small

My latest splurge was more so a series of splurges in the form of a full kitchen remodel!  Home cooked meals are a consequential part of my culture and not being able to enjoy that experience due to having an old, dysfunctional kitchen was taking a toll on my home life.  After discussing it with my husband, we decided to take some money out of our savings and give the kitchen renovation the green light.  We have absolutely NO regrets!  Our quality of life has increased threefold at home and we can’t wait for all the dinner parties we’ll host in the near future!  Stir fried tofu, anyone?

Rocky Finance at Thirty and Zero

My latest splurge was upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S9+. I put heavy use on my phone for both entertainment and work. I have never had a mainstream “flagship” level phone before and the new Samsung checked all of the boxes I was looking for. On T-Mobile there is a new frequency that is supposed to have better building penetration which would be great for me as I have negative one bar at work. Beyond that I wanted a waterproof phone as my value based phone lacked this feature.

As fate would have it after having my phone for just over a year I broke the screen. I had it replaced but the new screen had all kinds of touch issues and without dropping it the screen decided to crack! Warranty would cover the touch issues had the screen not cracked so repairing would have been another $100. What once was lust became a downright obsession. I pre-ordered the Samsung a day after pre-orders opened and haven’t looked back.

Check out his post titled Frugality is Stupid

Kay from Growth Motive

Over the years, I got into collecting art and have a lot of art around my small apartment. so imagine how that looks. The first piece of art was created by my partner’s friend. I unexpectedly paid $400 on that.

Recently, I started following this guy on Instagram from California. He created this Huey Newton fist. Since my partner is very socially active, I figure this would be a great gift. However, after the purchase, I realized it was probably a selfish buy because I love art. This piece is special because it says so much with just a fist and it’s 2 by 4ft. So, it will look awesome once it arrives from California. I spent $500 for the art but $90 to have it shipped. So, almost $600. I said this was the last piece of art because I have no more wall space.

Jason from Winning Personal Finance

Jason from Winning Personal Finance shared with me an article he wrote for Millennial Money Man titled 6 Things I’m Not Giving Up to Achieve Financial Independence.  One of the six things he mention not given up is leisure travel! As I am writing this, he is somewhere living it up!  This is what he writes about the places he has been to:

“As a child, I remember the beauty of Yosemite National Park and my first experience skiing powder in Lake Tahoe after an epic snowstorm.

As an adult, I’ve hiked in Hawaii, went ziplining in Costa Rica, ate amazing food in Paris, visited Mickey in Florida and partied in New Orleans.

I’ve also skied in Zermatt, Chamonix, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Lake Tahoe, British Columbia and all over the Northeast. Did I mention I love skiing?”

Peerless Note: I went ziplining in Costa Maya last year and had a blast!

See My Vacation Post: No Vacation? No Thanks, Dave Ramsey!

Doc G from Diverse Fi

Doc G shared two articles with me.  One titled Stealth Wealth Fail.  The other titled Breaking the Budget.  In the first one he writes about buying a Tesla and the second one discusses his decision to send his daughter to private school.  Both are great reads. I highly recommend them.  Read below how Doc G feels about splurging on the Tesla two years later!

“And it is everything.  Two years later, 40K on the odometer, and I feel a flash of pleasure every time I climb into the front seat.  This non car guy, is now a car guy.  It’s carried me through thrashes of rain and blizzards of snow.  Stopping on a dime, rarely slipping, this is by far the most advanced car I have ever driven.”

-Doc G

Special Thanks

Thanks to all the amazing bloggers who contributed.  I sent out ten e-mails and each one of you responded at lightning speeds.  The FI community totally rocks!

Community Feedback

What have you splurged on lately?

What would you buy if you had millions in the bank?

What splurge story did you enjoy reading the most?


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22 thoughts on “Do You Even Splurge?

  1. Awesome. Thanks for the fun read and great peaks at the habits of these popular FI bloggers. I think I might have overdone it!

    Thanks for the links!

  2. I recently splurged on new kitchen cabinets! We are renovating our kitchen, and it’s been a balance of splurging (cabinets) and saving (DIY poured concrete counters).

  3. Misty, Thanks for touching on Women and the guilt associated with spending money on ourselves. (This sounds like a great future post)

    Fun roundup read! I like the different levels of “splurge” and seeing what people currently find worth it.

    Latest Splurge: Backpack for Peru Trip this summer (on my approved shopping list) . Bought early so I could use my REI dividend and coupon.

  4. My latest “fun” splurge was back in January getting a 5 gallon cold brew coffee system. I drink tons of cold brew coffee so this definitely was an improvement over my brew in a bag solution. This was around $300 but it is well worth it. I drink about two 12 oz cups a day and spend maybe $30 per month on coffee, so $1 a day is much better than buying it for $3-4 per cup every day

    Recently I had non-fun “splurge” of signing up to be a notary public – the required online course, exam, $10k bond, seal, and 4 year of e&o insurance. Hopefully I should be able to leverage that and do some mobile notary work as a side hustle, so that should pay itself back at some point.

  5. Thanks for the fun reminder! I’ve begun splurging more and more on travel. With less time to travel now, I’m realizing that when I go somewhere it may be the last time I get to go there for a decade or more. I’m going on fewer trips, but spending more while on each of the trips. It was painful to do but recently I had the option to take either a bus or taxi to a ski resort after arriving at the airport (significant cost difference). What I realized though is if I took the bus, I wouldn’t get to ski at all that day as I wouldn’t get in until 1 and the lifts closed at 3. I only had 3 total days to ski and already bought the 3 day pass. I bit the bullet and took the taxi, arrived at 9AM. Within an hour of getting there I was able to hit the slopes and it was well worth it.
    MC recently posted…Why You Should Attend That Women’s ConferenceMy Profile

  6. Pure gut strings in all four of my tennis racquets. It is kind of expensive at $45 to string a racquet with gut probably 15 times a year. Nothing saves your arm and shoulder like the soft impact gut has when you hit the ball. Keep the synthetics and polyesters away, I want to keep playing without injury even if it does cost more. Plus top quality tennis shoes (ASICS gel-resolution 7), they cost more and they are worth it! One of my buddies had a memorable splurge, he spent a night in the world’s most expensive hotel in Dubai, this was a few years ago and it cost $3,200 for one night’s lodging.

    1. Nice, Steveark! I played tennis for the first time a few months ago, and while I was terrible at it, I had a lot of fun! Wow, $3,200 for one night? I wonder what amenities this hotel came with.

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