The Secret to Defeating Procrastination

The Secret to Defeating Procrastination    “Another day to set the world on fire If you are feeling low, aspire higher Sing if you sing and write if you write You never know, you might be a light!” -Peerless   Many books, blogs, and online courses have been written on the subject of conquering procrastination. […]

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Peerless Inspirational Poetry

Peerless Inspirational Poetry “Long before I started writing personal finance articles, poetry was my first love.  My creative outlet!” -Peerless Money Mentor   Poetry I have been love with poetry since middle school.  Maya Angelou is my favorite poet.  Every now and then I will attend an open mic event.  The last time I went […]

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Blogging Adventure

My Six Month Blogging Adventure

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My Six Month Blogging Adventure “Following J. Money’s advice to “just start it” has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.” -Peerless Money Mentor   Genesis of Peerless Money Mentor I reached out to J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy last August for tips on how to start a personal finance blog.  […]

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The Angry Bill Collector

Don’t Volunteer to Become a Bill Collector!

Don’t Volunteer to Become a Bill Collector! “Lending money to friends with poor money management skills is never a good idea; it turns you into a bill collector. “ -Peerless Money Mentor A Huge Mistake About three years ago, I made one of the worst financial decisions of my life.  I allowed someone to use […]

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personal finance Feature Analytics Story

Rockstar Finance Feature Analytics Story   “The best thing to do is honestly just start it and write your heart out! If you can do that, the rest will fall into place naturally” -J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy     You’re Famous Today! On Thursday, December 14th, of last year I got an e-mail […]

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