My Rockstar Finance Guest Curator Experience

My Rockstar Finance Guest Curator Experience   Last month, I got a chance to get a behind the scenes look at the Rockstar finance curation process.  Rockstar Finance is a personal finance curation site that delivers the best articles to your inbox daily. So far, in my blogging career, I have been featured on the […]

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Let Your Receding Hairline Go and Save Some Dough

Let Your Receding Hairline Go and Save Some Dough   For the past five years, I have been trying to keep hope alive that my hairline could be revived.  Nothing worked so I decided to let it go and save some dough!   -Peerless Money Mentor George Jefferson Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016) – George Jefferson […]

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My FinCon 2018 Experience

My FinCon 2018 Experience “There are few things in life that live up to all the hype surrounding it.  After reading the FinCon reviews from last year, I shrugged them off as just a lot of marketing hype.  However, after attending the conference this year, I cannot wait to attend the next one in Washington, […]

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Four Times a Groomsman

Four Times a Groomsman In the past two years, I have been a groomsman four times.  I estimate that I have spent over $2,500 supporting some of my best friends.  Was it worth it? -Peerless Money Mentor   The Groomsman Last weekend I was a groomsman in one of my closest friend’s wedding.  After posting a […]

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The Secret to Defeating Procrastination

The Secret to Defeating Procrastination    “Another day to set the world on fire If you are feeling low, aspire higher Sing if you sing and write if you write You never know, you might be a light!” -Peerless   Many books, blogs, and online courses have been written on the subject of conquering procrastination. […]

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Peerless Inspirational Poetry

Peerless Inspirational Poetry “Long before I started writing personal finance articles, poetry was my first love.  My creative outlet!” -Peerless Money Mentor   Poetry I have been love with poetry since middle school.  Maya Angelou is my favorite poet.  Every now and then I will attend an open mic event.  The last time I went […]

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The Dark Side of Side Hustling

The Dark Side of Side Hustling   “Having multiple income streams is great but it comes at a price.  It can be quite addictive and time consuming.  You can easily lose focus of what’s most important. -Peerless Money Mentor Revisiting The Dark Side In my Rockstar featured post The Dark Side of Greatness, I wrote […]

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Blogging Adventure

My Six Month Blogging Adventure

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My Six Month Blogging Adventure “Following J. Money’s advice to “just start it” has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.” -Peerless Money Mentor   Genesis of Peerless Money Mentor I reached out to J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy last August for tips on how to start a personal finance blog.  […]

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7 Financial Lessons

Six Financial Lessons From My Father

Six Financial Lessons From My Father “As a child, my father taught me a lot about finances.  I ignored some of his advice; it went in one ear and out the other.  But now I am applying some of the principles he taught me!” -Peerless Money Mentor     Remembering In my post No Vacations, […]

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