Businesses Run The World

People say that money makes the world go round – but that’s not what really runs the world. People solving problems is what makes the world run – money is simply the means by which people exchange resources to solve problems. When an organization is formed that solves a problem, it can be called a business.

The Business Project

When I was a young high school student, my class had a business project – we had to work together and make a business. Typically, the first thing that any business needs is capital, or start up money. Each of us asked our parents / relatives / friends if they would like to purchase some of our company stock. We essentially sold equity in our business to gather funds. However, we didn’t really have any ideas, we were simply asking for money. Typically this wouldn’t be very successful, but since we were high school students we were given some slack. Ultimately, we ended up raising about $500 from the sale of our company stock.

The Idea

We then elected leaders among our class and debated business ideas. Anyways, after quite a debate, we eventually settled on hosting a talent show and selling tickets to the talent show in order to gain revenue. One small value proposition that we decided on was to make sure that the tickets we sell have lasting value. We wanted the ticket to hold memories of the talent show for the audience. As a result, we decided to order 500 bracelets labeled with the phrase “Don’t worry about it” to sell as the talent show tickets.

The Execution

The whole class worked together in order to recruit talent, sell tickets, obtain donations for prizes and gain publicity. I personally designed the talent show website that held all relevant information as well as helped to sell tickets. We used the school auditorium as the venue and hoped that everything would turn out right.

The Return

Ultimately, the talent show was a great success and we were able to provide our investors a 100% return on their investment. I personally bought $20 of our company stock and was rewarded with $40 for all my hard work. It’s hard to beat that kind of a return even in the stock market! To this day, I still have the ticket to my high school talent show project, a neon blue “Don’t worry about it” bracelet.

Akash Business Project

Guest Post by Akash Sky

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