Growing Up in the Ghetto

Growing Up in the Ghetto: From the Projects to Home Ownership “When you are growing up in the ghetto, FI seems like a pipe dream.  For most people living there, the primary goal is to escape this environment and never look back.”  -Peerless Money Mentor     *This post may contain affiliate links.  The following […]

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The Secret to Defeating Procrastination

The Secret to Defeating Procrastination    “Another day to set the world on fire If you are feeling low, aspire higher Sing if you sing and write if you write You never know, you might be a light!” -Peerless   Many books, blogs, and online courses have been written on the subject of conquering procrastination. […]

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The Pension Route to Early Retirement

The Pension Route to Early Retirement “I can just work 25 more years and ride off into the sunset with my pension.  I would be entitled to 90% of my salary (average of my last three working years) for the rest of my life!” -Coworker Coworker’s Plan Earlier this week, my coworker shared with me […]

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